Display Units EIS2 Upgrade and LCD Specifications

The simulator display units have been upgraded to EIS2 specifications (“square edge” vs “rounded edge” plastic vacuum covers). EIS2 display units facilitate LCD display technology and have a slightly different ECAM system. EIS1 uses CRT displays which you will only find in older MSN Airbus aircraft. The avionics suite Jeehell FMGS has the functionality to simulate both EIS1 and EIS2.

EIS2 Display Unit Simulation; Avionics – Jeehell FMGS

To upgrade the display units specific LCDs from Vitrolight (1280×505 resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio) were obtained. These LCDs fit within the Main Instrument Panel (MIP). Removal of part the metal structure is still required for the fitting of the LCDs.

Vitrolight VLT190-SBL-SXGA-148.5 specifications

Vitrolight can also provide a custom firmware so no company logo or information headers appears when the displays are powered; this is helpful if you connect the displays to relays for correct aircraft bus logic operations.

3D prints of the display unit bezel (thank you Thomas) were attached to a 20% dark smoke tinted glass and the plastic MIP covers to complete the illusion.

Display Unit Bezel, designed by Thomas Andrich
3D Printed Display Unit Bezel Frames
A320 Simulator: EIS1 vs EIS2

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