Jeehell FMGS Update 57.0.2

Jeehell FMGS is now available for download.

What’s new in B57.0:
-Added Simbrief Support. You need to setup your Simbrief ID in the MCDU, in MCDU MENU -> SIM MENU page. The software will retrieve your latest OFP from simbrief and insert it in the SEC FPLN for review (works only on ground and engines shut).
-Updated FDS V2 to support their new ethernet based boards. Now, 7 segments displays can be setup from IIT creator V2, not only when used on a predefined board (not sure if any of their boards support adding own displays though).
-Fixed some routes drawing issues on some procedures.
-FSUIPC added blower, extract and CAB FANS switches/leds
-WXR radar picture now seen even when ADIRS not aligned
-WXR radar: differentiated EIS1/2 display of gain/tilt.
-Updates on ECAM logic (enhancements, addition of warnings, display logic)
-EGPWS now visible in all ND modes.
-EGPWS picture resolution can be tuned in c:\A320FMGS\EGPWS_WXR.ini, you can add the line PictureRes=200 and increase the number (200 being the default pixel width). Also you can select to use PNGs instead of BMPs to save bandwidth (but higher CPU usage of NDs) by adding the line usePNGs=yes
-Intercom app: added a numerical display of selected squelch value
-Fixed rudder going above maximum deflection when trimmed
-Fixed DIRTO on a pure DME station
-reworked EIS switching logic
-Fixed SEC PERF page not showing BARO option

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