Jeehell FMGS SimBrief Integration

With the most recent Jeehell FMGS update SimBrief is now integrated into the FMGS allowing for convenient flight plan loading.

SimBrief flight plans can be loaded into the FMGS by using the INIT REQUEST MCDU function or using the CO RTE (Company Route) import function.

To use the INIT REQ function first enter your SimBrief ID (numerical, not your user name) info into the SIM MCDU select page. After planning and filing your flight plan with SimBrief, enter the departure and arrival ICAO (FROM/TO) and select INIT REQUEST*. The plan should now load into SEC F-PLN and within this sub-menu you can make the plan active.

The alternative method to load plans is to manually download the flight plan generated by SimBrief into the CORTE folder (A320FMGS/Navdata/Navdat1/CORTE.xml). Enter the abbreviated CO RTE in the INIT page and the flight plan will inject into FMGS.

CO RTE – Sydney to Melbourne

To make flight planning even more automated aircraft weight management can also be handled by Flight Manager (developed by Ramon, downloadable here). Aircraft parameters for the active flight plan generated by the SimBrief program can be imported, and directly exported to TOPCAT, a take-off and landing performance tool.

TOPCAT can inject the calculated fuel amount into the aircraft, and send TELEX messages with the take off speeds.

CPDLC notification – Company Msg
Take off speeds and data can be sent from the Ops Center to the Aircraft using TOPCAT (Telex)

3 thoughts on “Jeehell FMGS SimBrief Integration

  1. Many thanks for your detailed information!
    Ramon’s flight manager is a great relief. Unfortunately he takes the PLNTOF for the trip fuel.
    Can you forward this to Ramon?
    PS: Translate by google


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