The CAVOK Simulation ATC/TCAS 28VDC power conversion kit is now on sale.

A few of the OEM avionics hardware on the Airbus flight deck require 115 VAC 400 HZ to operate. This includes the following:

MCDU, DDRMI, ATC/TCAS, Multifunction Printer and the automated adjustable cockpit seats

Sourcing workable 115 VAC 400 HZ (static inverters) can be a challenge.

The new CAVOK Simulation conversion kit allows you to substitute the static inverter requirements for an off the shelf 28 VDC power supply unit. The process can be completed within 30 minutes and is also reversible.

CAVOKSIM will be planning to release conversion kits for other avionics including the MCDUs in the foreseeable future.

ATC/TCAS Panel Power Supply Conversion Kit Manual

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