CAVOK Simulations FCU Interface Board

CAVOK Simulations have now launched their FCU AIRINC Interface Board ARC-FCU-217.

The board interfaces with an OEM A320 series Flight Control Unit (PN K217) and is compatible with X-Plane (Flight Factor A320 Ultimate and ToLiss). There are plans for future Prepar3D avionics support.

The board has built in QuickConnect Plug and Play system using custom cable connectors (no original canon plugs required) and also can supply 5V/400 HZ AC to the annunciators

Features of the Cavoksim FCU board:

  • Easy installation and connection with custom designed connectors
  • Connects to the PC via LAN/Ethernet which is more reliable than USB
  • Modern 32 bit ARM Cortex microcontroller for fast and reliable Arinc decoding
  • 400Hz AC power supply for LEDs for bright and even annunciator lights
  • 28V to 5V converter is included on board to simplify the simulator wiring . Both board and FCU can be be powered from the same 28V power supply
  • Protection against reverse polarity of the input supply. Self resetting fuse 

Download manual.

More information at CAVOK Simulations.


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