2022 Year in Review (Jeehell, Fenix, Prosim, Avionics Recommendations)

2022 has been year with major updates and significant new releases.

Fenix A320

One of the highly anticipated aircraft for MSFS released this year was the Fenix Simulations A320. The aircraft was designed to integrate seamlessly with the ProSim systems in the backend. Unfortunately as many operators of the Fenix Airbus soon found out, their aircraft was not high fidelity as Fenix promised (the “most comprehensive and complete A320 simulator available to desktop consumers.”) There are many inherent system issues and incorrect fundamental Airbus characteristics which would be under the prerogative of the ProSim development team to correct.

I had a recent discussion with a real world Airbus A320 pilot and he advised that Fenix/ProSim is “too far behind” and that Fenix was a “waste of money.”

Opinions from other professional A320 pilots echo the same sentiments:

Impression – There is still some value in Fenix but do not expect it to be a ‘comprehensive and complete’ A320 simulation package. With no official cockpit hardware support and poor system modelling it can only be recommended for desktop gaming; unfortunately the X-Box (where it would be best suited) will be unable to be supported because of the shared (ProSim) PC developmental libraries. Real world Airbus pilots should look elsewhere.

Recommendations – If you require a study level / high fidelity MSFS desktop Airbus simulation with hardware support, wait for the launch of Flight Sim Labs A320x or monitor flybywire development. Jeehell FMGS will also be launching compatibility with MSFS in the foreseeable future (more details below).


With the change of ProSim-AR policies many users are turning away from their forums and instead electing to get support from unofficial groups (Facebook – Prosim737 ), or even moving on.

Software development is slow and many of their customers (personal home users and commercial) continue to be disparaged and personally attacked even when they provide constructive feedback. The ProSim MSFS Airbus model continues to have significant flight dynamic issues which they are still unable to correct.

Impression – As previously detailed, there are growing pains; inaccurate flight and system modelling can lead to negative training consequences due to unrealistic simulation scenarios. Their CEO is boastful about their number of commercial customers; home end-users are apparently no longer (or never was) their primary focus. Commercial customers must subscribe annually to receive updates for their licensed software which can subsequently end up costing thousands of dollars.

Recommendations – Enthusiasts, flight schools and commercial institutions should avoid. Alternative avionics such as Jeehell FMGS are a better option and includes an Instructor Station, failure training and provide an affordable solution with great support. Non-commercial operators are also able to use Jeehell FMGS freely at no cost.

Jeehell FMGS

News of MSFS support came as surprise and was very much welcomed.

There has been advancement and development in the Jeehell FMGS avionics software in the last year with numerous updates capturing the idiosyncrasies of the aircraft.

After further feedback from professional Airbus pilots and training centres, it was decided it was a necessity to migrate the flight simulator avionics software from ProSim to Jeehell FMGS. The systems conversion is now complete with all flight modules and control surfaces now successfully interfaced.

Jeehell FMGS

Avionics Software Recommendations

Airbus A320: Jeehell FMGS (Runner up: FSL A320-X and Flight Factor A320 Ultimate)
Boeing 737-800/-MAX, Boeing 777, Boeing 787: Sim-Avionics
Boeing 747: Aerowinx Precision Simulator


Output Amplifiers and Light Controller boards are now back in stock and can be purchased for USD 20.00 each (PCB only).

Their respective manuals can be downloaded here.

Contact if interested.

Happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “2022 Year in Review (Jeehell, Fenix, Prosim, Avionics Recommendations)

  1. Hallo Ben, Your assessment of ProSim is way off. Real A320 captain BlackBox711 flies the Fenix most of the time and if you would take the time to take a look at that then you will find out that he is very content with the Fenix performance. Best regards, Pim


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