Fenix Simulation A320 and Skalarki Hardware

Information has been circulation that Fenix A320 can now be (unofficially) used with Skalarki hardware. Apparently this is possible using a Spad.neXt/Skalarki Integration Driver.

I do not condone this type of practice which would be in breach of the Fenix licence agreement (6.4 The Software must not be used on home cockpits).

If there is a desire to use MSFS with peripheral and flight deck hardware at this time the only options is to use ProSimA320, although it comes with significant short comings.

My recommendations is to wait for official Jeehell FMGS MSFS support which is in active development, and to support the developer.

Jeehell FMGS can be dowloaded (free for non-commercial use) over here.

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