Jeehell FMGS B58.0.0 – First Step Towards MSFS Support

FMGS B58.0.0 has now been released with significant changes, most likely in preparation for MSFS support.


This new version reworked many things internally in terms of aerodynamics and engines.
You should delete the old c:\A320FMGS\aircraft content (except for the engine sounds) before installing the new version.
It will install a SINGLE NEW vehicle (FMGS A320) in P3D, which should be use, no matter if you later fly with IAE or CFM.
When changing from CFM to IAE or vice versa, you only need to change the settings in the FBW window, you must NOT change the vehicle in P3D.
This is an important update, and a first step towards multi simulator support.

The release log:
-Fully reworked engines and variants. All engine computations are done outside P3D (N1, N2, EGT, FF, oil press & temps, etc…).
There is now a single vehicle in P3D which should be selected (A320), do not use the old ones (A320-214 nor A320-233).
-Fixed FDS ethernet & USB interfaces bugs
-Fixed some VNAV and LNAV computations (including ND route drawing, VDEV computation and tracking, lateral route tracking on some legs)
-Fixed APU not starting in case of EMER ELEC configuration
-Fixed PTU fault after engine start
-Added interface
-Fixed bugs in CPflight TCP FCU interface

Read more at the Jeehell Forum.

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