Jeehell FMGS, A professional,  full featured, A320 avionic cockpit suite for Lockhead Martin Prepar3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator X



Free for non-commercial use

FMGS is also available for commercial use. Commercial licence queries can be directed to the developer of Jeehell FMGS, Jean Luc (contact information available in the systems manual).

Fix based turnkey trainers with instructor station and failure list features are available from Simnest.



All support for FMGS can be found at the official Jeehell forum.


Flight Management Guidance System
Autopilot/Flight Director and FlyByWire (FBW)
Primary Flight Display (PFD)
Navigation Display (ND)
Flight Control Unit (FCU)
Multifunction Control & Display Unit (MCDU)
Engine / Warning Display (E/WD)
Status Display (SD)
Overhead panel and subsequent ACFT systems
Brakes triple indicator
Stand-By instruments

Hardware Support

CPFlight FCU
Cockpit Concept
FDS Modules
SIOC (OpenCockpit)
OSIMCO Modules
Cockpit Passion
Arduino (MobiFlight)


All third party support and documentation for FMGS is listed on the resource page.

Beta Testing

Jeehell FMGS is currently in beta. All bugs are tracked on the mantis bug tracker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup Jeehell FMGS on dedicated computer?
Please read this tutorial on how to run FMGS and all its components on one computer, and  a visual computer (P3D/FSX) on another.
How do I setup the weather radar?
Please read the Weather Radar Tutorial.
I do not have an Integrated Standby Instrument System (ISIS). How do I link the barometer on the ISIS to the Captain or First Officer Barometer?
Use the “Aircraft Options” available on the FMGS_Server module. Select ‘yes’ for the Link ISIS baro to CPT EFIS.
How do I setup EIS2 type displays?
Use the “Aircraft Options” available on the FMGS_Server module.  You can change the EIS model to 1 or 2.
The runways do not line up with the FMGS navigation database. 
FSX/P3D maybe using outdated navigation data. Download ILS/RWY regional updates at Hervé Sors website.  In addition A320FMGS\navdata\fsscenery.cfg must be configured correctly. The scenery pathway must point to the exact flight simulator filename – e.g.  scenery.cfg=c:\programdata\lockheed martin\prepar3d vx\scenery.cfg
How do you get accurate fuel planning using TOPCAT? 
It is essential to use the TOPCAT configuration files by ToTom to inject the correct fuel levels into the aircraft. The configuration files can be downloaded at Resource.
Is FMGS really free?
Jeehell FMGS is free for non-commercial use. If you would like to use FMGS for commercial application please contact Jean Luc. Fixed based turn key solutions are also available from Simnest.