Lighting and Colour Specifications

Aircraft Integrated Backlight Bulbs (5v):
Bulb Type MS24367-715

Substitute bulbs available at Aircraft Spruce or Memotronics
T-1 7152 5V 115mA 11-10980 (#7152 Miniature Bead Grain of Wheat Bulb)

** Overhead ADIRS and Fire panel operate at half the wattage (0.3 W) and require different bulbs (#680 Miniature Bead Grain)

ECAM Control Panel Bulbs:
P/N OL34172IBPEAF-3192 40ma, 5V Frosted Lamp
P/N OL34172IBPE-3191 40ma, 5V Clear Lamp

Audio Control Panel Bulbs:
Substitute bulbs are available from Mouser. Bulbs for the backlight, 7152AS15
Bulbs for the monitor, 6832

Main Instrument Panel
RAL 7001, RAL 7031Side console, Pedestal
DULUX Weathershield (Low Sheen).
Ultra Deep B 36.00, EE 21.00, G 14.00, M 100.00
RAL 5004 (Black Blue)