Lighting and Colour Specifications

Integral Lighting

Aircraft Integrated Backlight Bulbs (5v):
OEM Bulb Type MS24367-715

Most panels operate at 5V 0.115 A.

Substitute bulbs available at Aircraft Spruce or Memotronics
T-1 7152 11-10980 (#7152 Miniature Bead Grain of Wheat Bulb)

Overhead ADIRS and Fire panel operate at half the wattage 0.3 W (#680 Miniature Bead Grain)

Flight Control Unit bulbs operate at 0.4 W

ECAM Control Panel Bulbs (older type, non-LED):
P/N OL34172IBPEAF-3192 40ma, 5V Frosted Lamp
P/N OL34172IBPE-3191 40ma, 5V Clear Lamp

Audio Control Panel Bulbs:
Substitute bulbs are available from Mouser.
Backlight, 7152AS15
Monitor, 6832

Main Instrument Panel
RAL 7001, RAL 7031Side console, Pedestal
DULUX Weathershield (Low Sheen).
Ultra Deep B 36.00, EE 21.00, G 14.00, M 100.00
RAL 5004 (Black Blue)