FMGS B47.3 Released

-Added MCDU and PFD DECELERATE message
-Added MCDU and PFD MORE DRAG message
-Added MCDU TOO STEEP PATH AHEAD message and pseudo waypoint
-Added back on profile prediction arrow on ND
-Corrected some DES profile computations issues (particularly on non precision and RNAV approaches)
-Corrected ALTN FPLN issues when activating the ALTN (wrong procedures in the new destination airport).
-Corrected some CSTR management during DES/APPR
-Corrected high altitude go around FMA modes sequencing
-Corrected ALT*/ALT below ACC ALT during takeoff
-Added SPDBRK arming via analog range
-Corrected WXR/TERR dimmer pot detection in FMGS config
-Corrected double box in FMA column
-Corrected ARPT bug issues on ND (number displayed reducing over time, probably affected also VORs/NDBs/FIXes)
-Corrected FSUIPC DECEL bug
-Corrected APU EGT at 0°
-Corrected EGPWS terrain misalignment (due to magnetic variation)

Download here or use the updater/auto-update application.

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