Avionics and Flight Control Pinouts

In early 2016 a genuine throttle quadrant and pedestal from a retired ANA A320 aircraft arrived. Shortly after, panels for the pedestal, overhead, main instrument panel, and flight control surface inputs were added to the simulator. On November 19th, 2017 parts from an TAM Airbus A319 (PT-MZC – MSN 1092) and a SilkAir A319 (9V-SBD) were acquired.

The following are notes on the build process to bring the genuine parts back to life, interfaced as a working flight simulator.

Airbus Interfacing – An overall analysis on how OEM avionics can be interfaced to a flight simulator

Main Instrument Panel
Gear Lever Panel
Autobrake Panel
Terr on ND
Electronic Clock
Digital Distance and Radio Magnetic Reference Indicator (DDRMI)
Brake Pressure
Lighting / Loudspeaker
Loudspeaker Amplifier
Glareshield Lighting Logic and Pinouts
Flight Control Unit Lighting

Pedestal Panel Pinouts
Multipurpose Control Display Unit (MCDU)
Switching Panel
ECAM Control Panel
ECAM Control Panel Direct Wiring
Engine Panel
Flood / Integ Lt Panel (Left pedestal)
Pedestal Flood Lt Panel
Cockpit Door Panel
Rudder Trim Panel
Audio Control Panel
Radio Management Panel
Thrust Quadrant and Gravity Gear Extension
Weather Control Panel
Multifunction Printer

Overhead Panels Pinouts
Fire Panel
Flight Control Panels
Aft Overhead Reading Light Panel
22VU Eng/Vent/Cargo Smoke Panel
Electrical Panel – Voltmeter Battery Indicator

Flight Control Surface Pinouts
Ground Spoiler / Speedbrake
Brake Transmitter