Airbus A319 Acquired

November 19th, 2017 marks the arrival of a retired Airbus (“9V-SBD”) from the UK. The complete flight deck interior was stripped and packaged into a crate for delivery to Sydney, Australia. In the next few months (and years), the existing simulator will be overhauled with OEM parts. It will be an exciting challenge to rebuild the flight deck again from ground up.

Surprisingly bulbs and korry switches are still working after all these years, a testament to the engineering marvels of an Airbus Aircraft.

A visit to the Flight Deck prior to the teardown:

3 thoughts on “Airbus A319 Acquired

  1. Hi Ben,
    Looks really great what you have got there from England. I wish I had your sources of genuine parts. I saw that you have an impressive collection already for your simulator, so if that means that you have surplus parts for sale now let me know, I am interested. I am trying to build a A330 simulator, so I looking for parts that are compatible like gear lever, flaps and slats panel, etc.



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