ProSimA320 CEO (IAE), NEO (LEAP) and MSFS Updates

Hanne (CEO Prosim-AR) has announced updates for their ProSimA320 avionics suite. There will be additional flight model options with the plans for a release before the end of the year.

For Prepar3D users there will now be an IAE option with appropriate avionics and system logics. The IAE option will be available to all CEO users at no additional cost. In addition a NEO (LEAP) engine option will also be available (undisclosed price at this time).

A new MSFS flight model will be released before the end of the month. This release uses the new modern mode and not legacy as in previous releases. This version is highly anticipated as the ProSimA320 MSFS flight dynamics has been erratic and unusable since the March 2021 MSFS patch.

There will also be an MSFS NEO with LEAP engine option available soon.

In addition ProSim-AR has released several screenshots of their new Prepar3D IAE and LEAP model.


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