FMGS Simulator Solution Support

FMGS development for hardware compatibility with Simulator Solutions’ SimStack boards has now begun with the intention to complete by Feburary 2017.


For those that are unfamiliar with Simulator Solution and their product SimStack, it is an interface allowing Flight Simulator to talk to your hardware.


The benefits so far include:

  • Ethernet connectivity
  • stackable design
  • flexible voltages
  • onboard processor

There are interface boards in the market which also provide a solution (e.g. Flight Deck Solution’s Interface IT Sys boards, Opencockpits IOCards)  — unfortunately the output of these boards do not work with genuine switches and annunciators.

For an airbus korry, real bulbs are utilized (4 in one korry), each requiring 115 mA of current. The FDS Interface board only allows 20 mA per output and is more suitable for LEDs.

The Phidget interface kit is an alternative for genuine switch and annunciator use, but they are an expensive option at 100.00 USD for 16 outputs.

Simulator Solution also has an ARINC429 board in development and could potentially be a complete solution for all your Simulator’s interfacing needs.

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