Trim Wheel Motorization

Motorization of the trim wheel requires extensive engineering.

Planatary Gear Motor and 10 turn potentiometer (feedback) mounted onto the trim mechanism

Parts required:

  • Airbus Pedestal and throttle quadrant with trim wheel mechanism intact
  • 10 turn precision potentiometer (Vishay model 534)
  • Custom gear mounting disc plate
  • Custom potentiometer mounting plate
  • 4 rods (6 mm diameter, 140 mm length)
  • Nuts and washers
  • Two gears (1.3 ratio used)
  • DC Planatary Motor (12V Maxon model 144650)
  • Coupling / Clutch
  • Custom DC Motor mounting plate
  • Huco Friction Clutch
  • Interface board – PhidgetMotorControl HC, Pololu Jrk 21v3 or OC DC Motor Plus

Original design and implementation by Simon and Holt


Trim Wheel Interfacing (Jeehell FMGS)

Configuration of the Trim Wheel (Pololu Jrk)

Trim Motor Design Files (Francesco Talotta)

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