Trim Wheel Motorization

Motorization of the trim wheel requires extensive engineering.

Planatary Gear Motor and 10 turn potentiometer (feedback) mounted onto the trim mechanism

Parts required:

  • Airbus Pedestal and throttle quadrant with trim wheel mechanism intact
  • 10 turn precision potentiometer (Vishay model 534)
  • Custom gear mounting disc plate
  • Custom potentiometer mounting plate
  • 4 rods (6 mm diameter, 140 mm length)
  • Nuts and washers
  • Two gears (1.3 ratio used)
  • DC Planatary Motor (12V Maxon model 144650)
  • Coupling / Clutch
  • Custom DC Motor mounting plate
  • Huco Friction Clutch
  • Interface board – Pololu Jrk 21v3 or OC DC Motor Plus

Original design and implementation by Simon and Holt


Trim Wheel Interfacing (Jeehell FMGS)

Configuration of the Trim Wheel (Pololu Jrk)

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