Learning it the hard way

The last few weeks has been frustrating – for some reason the ECAM Control Panel pushbutton no longer has ARINC output, and the RMP now no longer turns on. I am putting down the culprit to a mistake I made with the 28 voltage and a possible short circuit when I was connecting the ARINC boards.

This is unfortunate as one small mistake can have severe consequences. As a result your very expensive ECP and RMP or aircraft part may no longer work. Sourcing spare parts, or components are extremely difficult and expensive.

Fortunately there is a friend who is an avionics expert who can assist in looking at these panels for me. I hope to send them out for possible repair soon.

Look Twice, Cut Once.

Think Twice, Cut Once.

Look Twice, Think Twice, Cut Once.

Leave it to the experts.

I am so sorry. 


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