Why ProSim 1.40b4 is a sim-changer

On September 14 2020 ProSim updated their software to support bus function gates.

September 14 Release version 1.40b4
- Added gates for most electrical buses for external control of hardware
- Only autoextinguish APU fire if fire occured while on the ground

Bus gate implementation is essential for accurate aircraft simulation. For the first time since the release of ProSimA320, aircraft avionics and lighting can now be powered natively with the correct electric bus system. Prior to 1.40b4 release, numeric bus values had to be exported by the Generic TCP/IP stack and logic programmed in Arduino/C++ script to support this function. Gate implementation in ProSim now supports various 3rd party relays to work directly with avionics software for correctly logic switching.

The new electrical bus gates can be found in Electric under Combined Config

With native bus gate implementation, flight deck audio enhancement can also now be added to the simulator for realism. Sound in the cockpit which are activated from the different buses, such as contractors, the standby horizontal indicator gyroscope and avionics humming (115 VAC 400 Hz) can now be configured for effect.

Audio configuration – contractor sound activated when the DC ESS bus is powered

Realistic system avionics/lighting powering and audio add to the flight deck illusion. With these added gate functions in the new update, the simulator is now dynamic and can response more accurately like the real aircraft.

The New ProSim Variables:

<id name=”B_ELEC_BUS_POWER_AC_1″ type=”GATE” configName=”Bus power AC 1″/><id name=”B_ELEC_BUS_POWER_AC_2″ type=”GATE” configName=”Bus power AC 2″/><id name=”B_ELEC_BUS_POWER_AC_ESS” type=”GATE” configName=”Bus power AC ESS”/><id name=”B_ELEC_BUS_POWER_AC_ESS_SHED” type=”GATE” configName=”Bus power AC ESS Shed”/><id name=”B_ELEC_BUS_POWER_DC_1″ type=”GATE” configName=”Bus power DC 1″/><id name=”B_ELEC_BUS_POWER_DC_2″ type=”GATE” configName=”Bus power DC 2″/><id name=”B_ELEC_BUS_POWER_DC_BAT” type=”GATE” configName=”Bus power Bat”/><id name=”B_ELEC_BUS_POWER_DC_ESS” type=”GATE” configName=”Bus power DC ESS”/><id name=”B_ELEC_BUS_POWER_DC_ESS_SHED” type=”GATE” configName=”Bus power DC ESS Shed”/>

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