Flight Sim Labs A319/320-X Professional, a sneak peak

The FSL team were recently at Flight Sim Show 2017 at the RAF Museum Cosford. At the event they were able to show FSL A320-X running on Prepar3D 4.1. In addition they showed off their soon to be released A319 model and explained how it has vastly different flight characteristics.

These details were live streamed on Twitch (8:00 minute mark):


What really caught my attention were the Skalarki hardware (FCU and MCDU) connected to their A319 model. It seems drivers have already been successfully implemented and are functionally working.


Skalarki FCU and MCDU interfaced with FSL A319-X

This is great news and could mean FSL is further along developing their hardware interface solution and we could be nearing the release of their professional version.


“Coming Soon” – Lefteris CEO of Flight Sim Labs on the imminent release of A320-X for Prepar3D 4.1; wishful thinking coming soon also translates to the Professional Version.

An Update (13-10-2017):

FSL A320X Home Cockpit

“We were showcasing our ‘Home Cockpit’ software edition. The version we’re releasing ‘very soon’ (TM) will not be compatible, you will need a different version (there will be an upgrade path to those versions as well).”

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